Year dog 2018: Dooris. Signed, numbered, 100 pcs. Designer Markku Salo

Does the Dooris steal your heart?
Filigrane, powdered ore and candy

In the spring, you might want to travel. Take a look at other landscapes, and refresh your mind. Sothinks the Dooris, designer Markku Salon’s sixth year dog. While designing the Dooris, Salo had a sense of calm and colour. What’s better about the Dooris than the powdered mallow that’s wrapped around a white, fast-paced filigrane? The atmosphere is crowned with her tail – round and delicious.

2018 year dog Dooris is handmade in the cabin of the Nuutjärvi Glass Company. Only 100 pcs in a numbered and signed series.

The year of the dog will be announced this year as a special holiday, on Sunday 25.2.2018. It is a special day that the glass village of Nuutajärvi celebrates its 225 birthday. Markku Salon Galleria The Old Smithy building is open from 12 a.m. to 16 p.m. A lot of other things happen in the village. Please follow the Web site for a more precise program .

For a summer trip I also recommend the Stone Dairy of Somero, one of the most personal and most cherished summer exhibitions. In mid-June the exhibition will include new works by Markku Salo. Follow the Web pages

More information: Galleria Markku Salo Marjaleena. salo55 (at) gmail. com, tel. 040 563 4356, Marja-Leena Salo