G.W.Sundmans has invited a group of top Finnish artists to try their hand at infusing the traditional setting with modern works that set off the culinary experience. Notes head chef Matti Jämsén: “From start to finish, we have tried to unify the spirit of fine food and art to create an unforgettable experience”.

Artists on display include glass artist Markku Salo, glass artist Alma Jantunen, art weaver Sirkka Paikkari, ceramic artist Pekka Paikkari, graphics artist Aimo Katajamäki, ceramiscist Caroline Slotte, sculptor Jasmin Anoschki and sculptor Maija Vainonen.

The works on exhibit are available for purchase just as if you were in an art Gallery.

Food & Art at G.W.Sundmans begins 2nd April 2012. G.W.Sundmans

One of Markku Salo´s works at G.W.Sundmans. Avatar a “table” for hors d`oeuvre.