Available: serial production

These serial products are available now in Gallery Markku Salo in Nuutajärvi. All products are handmade, and made in Nuutajärvi Glass Village.


Together Finland 100 Years. Limited edition, 100 pcs, signed, numbered


KIDE / CRYSTALLINE, decanter. Height 23 cm. Orange, lime, grey.


LADY vase/decanter. Height 23 cm.


BABEL. Vase. Height appr. 40 cm


PALETTI. New arriwal autumn 2014. Teelight holder. Bigger (diameter 200 mm) and smaller.


TOGETHER. Lime and green. Height 20 cm. 2012.


TOGETHER. Light blue and red. Height 20 cm. 2012.


TOGETHER. Red and lilac. Height 20 cm. 2012.


TOGETHER. Light blue and nude. Height 20 cm. 2012.

TOGETHER. Black and white. Height 20 cm.


TOGETHER. Lime and orange. Height 20 cm.


Rulla-bottle. Different colours. Height 9 cm, diameter 6 cm.


Haiku-bowl. Clear, light grey. Two sizes 40 cl and 350 cl.


NEW COLOR. INARI-bottle. Still mold blown, casted top. Height 180-200 mm, width 180 mm.

Diiva-glassware. Handmade, stillmold blown. Dishwasherproof. Left: decanter, white wine and red wine. Right: beer (left), water and shot.

Diiva-glassware. Left: champagne, narrow, and champagne, shallow. In the middle: champagne cooler. Right: tea light candle holder.


Lighthouse-candleholder with led-technique. Height 11 cm.


Duo-vase. Four colors, which you can put side by side. Alone or together. Still mold blown. Height 290 mm. Colors: red, clear, blue and orange.

Inari-bottle. Still mold blown, casted top. Height 180-200 mm, width 180 mm. Left: orange, lime, white, yellow. Right: black, oragne-red.

Lucia-candle holder. Thin glas, turnmould blown. Inside a glass ball. Height 240 mm. Colors (foto on the left): red, green, clear, blue. At present in the Gallery (top foto) light yellow, smoke. Foto below: brown, turquoise.

Torso-vase. Well-suited both as utility and art object. Still mold blown. Height 145 mm. Colors: light and dark. Light color vase is sandblasted.

The Arabian Nights -set. Stillmould blown, free blown top. Height 240 mm. Colors in the foto on the left: blue, turguoise, green, red, clear, orange. Now in Gallery. Foto up: white, light pink, lime, smoke. Foto below: light blue, brown,  deep turquoise.


The Arabian Nights, Torso. New color spring 2017: pink quartz.


Together-vase. Vase, which is good alone or togethet. Still mold blown. Height 20 cm. Colors: clear, light green, yellow, blue.

Nefer-box. Still mold blown. Height 12 cm, width 8 cm. Foto on the left: yellow, full green. Foto on the right: blue, orangered, green.